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Forum Rules - Last Updated 12/03/2012 Empty Forum Rules - Last Updated 12/03/2012

Post  Alice on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:20 am

Everyone has the right to use this forum free of any form of harassment/bullying, and to make sure none of that happens here are a list of rules you will stick by whilst using this forum:

1. The Moderators and Administrators have the right to use their discretion in regard to the rules when executing punishments as a result of rule violation. Basically, an admin/mod's word is final.

2. You give us the right to edit, caution, temporarily ban or permanently ban your account, as well as your IP, or take any other measurements that we feel necessary.

3. All of the hotel rules which can be found HERE. Breaking any of these rules may result in a forum ban and if a moderator/admin feels it's necessarily, an account ban on the hotel as well.

4. Spamming and/or off-topic posting is not allowed. This means short, pointless replies such as emoticons, singular words with no meaning, posts which only contain "LOL", will be removed and your account will face penalties. Persistent spam will result in the account being banned. THIS INCLUDES DOUBLE-POSTING.

5. Account-sharing is against the rules, as moderators and administrators need to know who is using your account if rules are broken. This leads on to it also being against the rules to share/give out your password or anybody else's. Again, your account will face penalties.

Please keep checking this thread whenever it is updated, as new rules may be added / current ones may be updated.

- Phase / Alice

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