Hotel Down & Some more information..

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Hotel Down & Some more information.. Empty Hotel Down & Some more information..

Post  Billy on Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:18 am

Rightio let's get to it, is currently lagging/disconnecting and going down to 30+ users, I'm not completely sure whether we're under attack or servers down EG. So don't get worried as we're trying to sort it ASAP.

On a slighter note I would like to say before it gets to late, Happy Easter! and hopefully Natalie is releasing a Easter article based event tomorrow/Friday EG. so keep a look out for that. The roTW results we're in and congratulations to BallSacks!

Happy Easter once again we're hoping that you all have a great time whether you celebrate it with us or not.

- Much Love, Forum Staff&Client Staff. albino albino albino albino albino heh
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WEDNESDAY 04TH APRIL 2012...[/size]
Tonight was disgusting, Empty and laggy. We wasn't under attack I think the server is having some problems. some people cannot get on BobbaCloud tonight.

Hotel Down & Some more information.. Colonwithimage2


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